sobota, 02. marec 2013

boldrider bowl and nejcs expo in youth center

tomorow was a har time at pumpa we cleaned 4 people for 4 hours and also lagenda tibor came to help us was great  to see him and his son !
 today my arms hurt alot but tomorow bowl session !
and there was also an expo in youth center by kori !
was not lot of people but was great company!
if somebody still whant to see his work come to mcp !
 first photos of cleaning of vert and bowl and then photos from yesterdays expo !
feritr was cleaning the bowl 

me an dkupa the vert ramp 

ferit in the bowl 

litlle help from kupa 

it was almost 1 meter of snow on some pouints heheh



finish ferit good job man 

me and kupa find the whole tree destroyed under the snow becouse of the weight oof snow it  fall down to vert ramp ! crazy ! 

finito now we have to montage the second layr of wood and action !

then we dicide to clean also the small pice with ulaula 
and we did it with help of gasper and tibor ! 

tibor  at work 

nice view

it was hard 7 hours to clean the vert and bowl and the small part of skate park 

 now photos from koris expo in youth center !
xnejcx works will be up the whole mounth so you beterr move your layzy ass and come to see his work ! 

tattoo he did it 

drawings and photos of his tattos

like always postojna dead city there was a lot of people on koris expo 

nejc in  the gallery with his girl ! 

lele get totally drunk again ! 
and puting on the balls on his ears ! 


lele fall asleep really early! 
was a great DAY YESTERDAY!
tomorow bow session fukers !

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