ponedeljek, 22. marec 2010

OBITUARY ljubljana 21.3.2010

Yesterday i went in lubljana to see the bend- OBITUARY AND PEVSEFONE guest bend from italy ....i had a really good time !!! it was really funny at the beagining of the concert it was only me and some fotografers in the first line but when obituary come on the stage there was again me in the front but there was no more fotografers only death metals............mosh poit was amaizing and i went home happy and in one piece. i shoot some pictures for those who miss the great concert!!!first row::::::hehe

crazy italian band PEVSEFONE in the action!vocals !obituary started their show.....

the crowd goes crazy whit

mosh pit...
some people ged injured...

and there was a lot of peple who were just watching in the last row(intelektuals)

thanks guys for a great timeee !!!!

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